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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Katrina News 2011

People love their darling Katrina Kaif for all she does, whether that latest movement is in her personal or professional life. Katrina Kaif has always been the favorite child of media as she has always fed their curiosity with some interesting news.

If we talk of the year 2011, then it is believed that this year is going to bring laurels in her life as she has signed some good movies and is going to prove her mettle in acting now after dramatic popularity of Sheila Ki Jawani.

In the news are the scuffles of Dabanng girl Sonakshi Sinha with Katrina Kaif and her upcoming tomato song with Hrithik Roshan. Katrina Kaif has recently said that she is eagerly waiting to work with the director of New York Kabir as she considered him to be a guy who allows her to acts with complete liberty.

Now that Barbie has also launched dolls for the Asian customers with the persona tint of Katrina Kaif, it is clear that she is amongst the most favorite actress. One more big news that is creating waves is that Katrina Kaif would pair opposite her old time beau Salman Khan in a movie called Ek Tha Tiger. People who love the pairing of Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan are eagerly waiting for this movie to release.

Apart from the releases there are certain controversies that also made up Katrina News 2011 and one of them was that she approached the versatile actor and director Pankaj Kapoor to get a role in his directorial debut film called Mausam. Cricket and bollywood are two passions of the people of India and this cricket fever also gave birth to a news that Katrina Kaif would be a part of any IPL team, later this news was announced to be a mere rumor.

Katrina has been in news since the day she marked an entrance in bollywood and this proves the love and passion of the people for her. If you want to stay updated with Katrina News 2011, then visit a good website and scroll down the pages to get an access to the latest news of the month, or even day!

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