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Monday, 16 May 2011

Katrina talks 1960s styled song shot for Mere Brother Ki Dulhan

Last week Katrina was dressed as 1960s hippy for a song in Agra. And she had herself a ball.

Katrina went seriously berserk with her 1960s look for Yash Raj Films' Mere Brother Ki Dulhan. She has just let herself go with the clothes, hairstyle, accessories, shoes and attitude. A big fan of 1960s rock, especially the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley and the Four Seasons, Katrina diligently picked up the styles of all her rock 'n' roll icons from their music videos from the decade and used them to create her own style

The song was shot in and around Agra .Katrina's look was supposed to be a secret, as much as possible. And that was tough. There are at least 300 gawkers at every location. What tickles Katrina is that she's looking "so retro" in her 60s get-up. Fans who have been crowding her hotel since her arrival in Agra to get a glimpse, pic and autograph with her had been told that she has returned to Mumbai after shooting the much-publicized wedding sequence with Imran at the Taj Mahal.

"It's quite funny, really. Because I don't look like I usually do. So yeah people are quite confused about my identity," admits Katrina, breathless with excitement.

About recreating the whole 1960s era in her persona Katrina exults, "In my entire career I've never done a retro number or even a retro scene. In fact I've never done a film that's set in the past. Considering I love nostalgia, I am having the time of my life dressing up and feeling like a rock and roll queen from the 1960s."

One of Katrina's favourite films is the John Travolta-Olivia Newton John starrer Grease and now she's part of that world in the number in Mere Brother Ki Dulhan. Brimming over with excitement from Agra Katrina said, "We're shooting all over Agra, the Red Fort and a highway near the Taj Mahal. So far a lot of people are wondering who the girl is."

Katrina seems to be enjoying her brief interlude with anonymity. "I just love being mistaken for someone else."

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